Hi, I'm Natalia Beltyukova, an artist from St. Petersburg, Russia. 
I make my creatures in my studio in an old St. Petersburg house. My favourite time to work there - is in autumn, when it’s grey and gloomy outside, the rain patters against the roof and you don’t want to go anywhere. That’s when my creatures come into existence: dolls, cats, birds, elephants… I love simple minimal forms without unnecessary details. I find it interesting connecting different materials in one object: wood with ceramics, ceramics with textile, wire with paper. But my most used medium is papier-mâché. It is a versatile material - solid and durable like stone, light as balsa and  sculpturesque as clay. And it doesn’t require firing in kiln and is very easy to work with.
It is very interesting - to populate space with new various entities.
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